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Dynamically change Google Map address and disable zoom on scroll

Hi all.

I’ve created the dynamic map with HTML embed and added the address from collection, it works perfectly on that page

Then I’m applying the code below to stop the zoom on scroll, it works perfectly on codepen, when you click once on a map it unfreezes it and you can click on “view larger map” , however in my webflow project the unfreezing doesn’t happen. What can possibly prevent it?

Here is my shared project

You have errors in the developer console. Probably because you included another jQuery on top of Webflow’s copy, so you have a conflict.

Hm, no additional code on this page, neither jqueries

Alright, then you are placing jQuery code in the body instead of Page Footer Code field.

jQuery is only available in the footer, after Webflow script is loaded.

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Yes! Thank you :slight_smile: places the script in the footer