Dynamically change E-commerce price for bnb

Hey everyone!
We have managed to build a bnb in Webflow, and surprisingly the most difficult part is the final dynamic price update.
So far our workaround is to set the price to $1 and update the quantity instead, via a mutation observer in JS. This works for making the purchase and we can send the total price that was calculated to Make.com for order confirmation, however the Webflow odrer in E-commerce will still show these weird quantities, so this is not ideal.
Has anyone been successful with changing the product Price itself ? Maybe there is some trick to fake load a price?

I am aware of Foxy.io and an option to use Stripe custom values, however it would still be nice to use native E-commerce where everything is in one house :slight_smile:

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Hi @radmitry
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with Foxy + Webflow, without any hacks. Here to help if you decide to try our approach: hello@foxy.io