Dynamically Auto-Generating Unique ID's on Divs

I am using wavesurfer.js which uses the unique ID of a div to generate an audio waveform.

I want to do this dynamically using the CMS so I can have a number of links to generate waveforms on the page but as stated above, each needs a unique ID.

Is there a way to have a dynamic list automatically create a unique ID for each item in the collection it’s binded to?

Yes, possible to set an ID using the item Name with custom code.

But first, show us what you have.

Can I show you privately? I am working on a special project I don’t know how “ok” it would be to display it here or I would have already. My guess is that there’s a much simpler way to get the result I am looking for I would love you to see what I am doing and get some quality insight.

For private requests, you may hire me directly here http://webflowexpert.com

Would it be too much to ask for the custom code snippet that does this? I see a lot of them getting posted by you and others, I don’t mind paying for it if I have to but on many other posts it just gets displayed.

I don’t mind a very generic version of how to do it, I can do my best to figure out how to implement it into my own project.

@samliew I used your form homie, get back to me at your earliest convenience “pretty please”.