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Dynamically Adding products with Selz

Hi there,

I am trying to find the product ID and Component from a service called Selz, I have their button embed code, same like spotify but can’t identify which bits I need, please help

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Did happen to find your solution?

not yet, do you have any ideas?

I tried Selz once before and chose Shopify buy buttons for the ability to get full code access. Did you contact Selz and ask them? They should be able to do this for you.

This is where your product ID will be:

id=“Product_Id” name=“Product.Id” type=“hidden” value=“5a005c666edca01064a362e6

That string of numbers. I’m guessing you have to notate the ID in Selz admin before you copy the code. It doesn’t look like they add that specifically in the embed, they reference it with (data-selz-b). I would look around in the admin on the product.

Thanks, I started with that ID actually but had trouble recalling it in webflow. I think you’re right they must not be sending out the full code. I might give the platform a complete rethink. I thought of shopify but price is a bit steep compared with Selz. Can I see your shopify/webflow site?

Sure! This is a client’s Shopify site I’m almost finished with… putting final touches on responsiveness.

If you want I can be available over email or phone… if you want some more information because you’re right these decisions aren’t simple and it can be an expensive test/trial. I just sent you a message with my contact info, if you need assistance.

Hi @designmark.
Josh from Foxy. If things don’t work out, it may be worth taking a look at our platform: Integration takes a couple of minutes and is completely seamless with Webflow. You get full design control and can manage your entire catalog without ever leaving Webflow. Our no-risk, unlimited free trial lets you build and test as long as you need to without paying a dime. Definitely let us know if we can help with anything.


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Big thumbs up for @foxy from me, no need to duplicate products in two systems - manage the shop from Webflow.

I searched around the various options - snipcart, selz, shopify, but Foxy won and the support from day one was exceptional. Let Josh know your requirements and he’ll guide you through and let you know if there are any limitations…


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Hi @designmark

Another vote from me for @foxy!

Great integration with Webflow and amazing support.

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@designmark, I don’t know if you’ve found what you needed. But support sent me this:

Larra replied
Nov 8, 3:09pm

Apologies for the delay. The product code can be found on the URL when you go to Items > All > Choose the item. (Sample attached) I am not sure what you meant by component. This tutorial on how to embed buttons may help:

Best regards,

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