Dynamic Widgets

On my website I need CMS listing cards to have a widget that either says “good price”, “ok price”, or “bad price”. Each widget will have a different design and an example is shown in the screenshot below.

Now my question is… How would I go about being able to select any one of these and then the widget is shown on the CMS listing card with the correct design? Is there an option I can choose when creating the listing to select one of these options and the widget is shown?

Thank you to anyone that replies in advance and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help me!

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Design the three bullets so that they appear all at once.
In your CMS, add an Option field with options good, ok and bad. Set them in the Collection items.
Select each bullet and define Conditional visibility for each: “Show if Option field is set to …”.
This way only the appropriate bubble shows up, and if the option field is not set, none shows up.

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Thank you very much Vincent you have been a big help!

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