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Dynamic widgets anyone?

Would be cool to have dynamic widgets. Like twitter feed widget or something to pull data from an rss feed and lay it out. Maybe how they do it over at Yahoo Pipes but not as complex?

I understand if it’s not a priority since WF is all about keeping things simple but would love to see such stuff. :slight_smile:

Yahoo Pipes! Wikipedia says it started in 2007 but it feels like it’s from the last century to me. I used to love Yahoo Pipes a lot, it allowed me to do complex things without having to script. I’m astonished that it still exists (: Anyway it’s a good reference. I guess people prefer IFTTT now, but IFTTT is extremely limited I find.

Yeah ifttt is nice but its not for content generation. Its a bit different I think. You could generate RSS feeds but I made a reference to Pipes because thats what WF reminded me of. [:

Would either pipes or IFTTT work as a simpler method to feed for images from flickr, etc? I definitely need a better way to populate and update large galleries for an upcoming personal project with a number of contributors and 600+ images.

Interesting tools. I would love to be able to have the capability to script, aggregate and feed content through dynamic widgets. Opens up some cool opportunities to custom skin and populate content.