Dynamic webflow form placeholder text


I’m working on some “gated” membership portals, and using a combination of:

webflow, zapier, airtable, memberstack

In general, I am trying to pull my data as much as possible via webflow CMS (which in turn pulls from airtable).

My question is whether I can somehow make the “form placeholder text” dynamic, so that it displays the current “member attribute” stored in my webflow CMS.

I am able to display the current “member attribute” as a text field below the form field itself, but this doesn’t create as good of a user experience.

Link to the URL in question, and also attach a screenshot.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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So just in case it’s not clear, where the form fields currently have some data submitted against them for a given member, then that data would show, so that the user knows what they are updating from.


@Darius_Safavi here is a screencast of mine that walks through exactly this:

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