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Dynamic Video Lightbox Help (1)

Hi Dave,
This is great thank you!
I’ve followed the prompts and I’ve put the code in the header of the page but the video still keeps playing after the modalbackground is clicked.
Please help!
It’s the 3D Animations page that has the video lightbox on it.

Hey samliew,
Any info on how you would modify that code for Vimeo?
Also I don’t see how you’ve inserted the lightbox?

I inserted the lightbox into embed code component in step 1.

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Ah I think I get it. Thank you!

Hey Sam, When I insert the embed code according to your example in Step 1 I do noth get the dynamic list options that are showing for the thumbnail and URL in your Step 2. All I see id the original code as pasted in. Am I missing something?

Embed code has to be inside a dynamic list.

I figured out that I had to use that “+add field” link in the top right of the embed code window to get the fields from the list.

Now I’m going to try and get it to work with Vimeo :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Sam I tried modifying the embed code and the footer script like this to get your method to work with Vimeo. But I get an “Oops! The embed code for this video is not valid.” error when I publish and click on a video. The error looks like it’s coming from Vimeo so I think I’m close. Appreciate any help - I’m not good at script.

My workaround only works for youtube videos.

Hi Sam,
Question for you regarding your lightbox workaround - I’ve tried numerous ways of getting the argument that usually prevents “related videos” from showing up at the end of the video. With youtube typically we use ?rel=0. I’ve tried appendinf it to the end of the URL as well as inserting it into the embed string. No luck. Any thoughts?