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Dynamic text for different Option Variation

Hey guys,

I have e-commerce website in Webflow.

Client has one struggle - we would like to user know how long will they wait for variation size of item.

Like this:

Problem is the time for size of item can differ.

So I would like to display a collection list of option variations sizes with different text.

This will probably require custom code and I don’t mind that, but I’m not that skilled in this area.

Any help is welcome.


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Hi @Tomas_Mrazek there is too many variables to get it right. Is delivery time based on IP address mean how far is costumer from warehouse, or how many items is in stock and if is not in stock when will be next delivery mean is your system connected to other services that control these things? Or do you planning to add these values just manually. These informations can be crucial. I can’t help but just pointing missing informations.

How else would you solve this problem?

Issue is that items are custom made clothes which can be ordered even when current inventory is 0 -> 14 days delivery / otherwise 3 days.

I have send you PM :wink: