Dynamic template page not publishing

I have a site that until recently, worked fine after publishing. However, today I noticed that a particular link to a different page, produced by a dynamic template page, was broken and returned the 404 Error page. After some digging, I confirmed that the link works fine in preview mode through the designer, but all the “Official Rules” links appear broken on the live version of the site. Is there a max number of dynamic template pages a site can have? Or did I accidentally break something that would only affect the published page?

Here is my public share: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/timemachine-app?preview=461515705f9e4dba21cff736e7915419


Hi @dlowder, Could you post a screenshot of the links that are not working? Where they are on the page and which page? That will help to check this faster :smile:

Thanks in advance!

Yep…sorry about that.

Here is a link to one of the pages with the broken link (since it works fine in Preview of the Designer)


The “Official Rules” link on the screenshot below is what appears to be broken. Each Project page is created through a dynamic template, and has a reference to the corresponding Official Rules template page. The link is about halfway down the page, under the project description.

Let me know if you need additional info.


Just following up on this issue. I’ve tested different scenarios, and cannot seem to get this working. I’ve attempted creating a new dynamic template, but linking to it also results in a 404 when published. However, linking to an existing dynamic template works just fine. This tells me that its something to do with new templates. Is there a cap on how many dynamic templates a site can have for linking to work properly?

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