Dynamic Template Default collection-page Display

Hi community,

Am a missing a setting somewhere, is there any way to control which dynamic page is displayed when you open a collection page template?

I am seriously sick to death of changing the page that is displayed when working on part built CMS lists. If you want to look at a specific page in the CMS collection you have to change the page that is displayed via the dropdown.

Is there any system to this? Is the page that is displayed completely random? It certainly seems to be. I would expect it to show the first page in the collection by default, or even better, have some kind of custom sort order.

I just don’t understand (probably missing something obvious), why the CMS template seems to display a page in the collection that is half way down the list of entries.

Thanks Graham

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Hi @allthingsGJD
I believe that you may be out of luck. I spend a considerable amount of time in my CMS collections and have not found such a setting (I do find that it remembers which CMS item I was on though). However, I too feel that it would be nice feature to have. Maybe pitch it in the Wishlist and if enough people back the idea it will get built.