Dynamic Product Option and Pricing


I have currently a client that runs a Copy Shop.
He Prints Flyers, Cards, letters etc.
The Shop runs currently on Shopify, because we need Dynamic Product Option and dynamic pricing.
We per product between 100 and 200 different variation, and pricing.
The Plugin that we are using is called “Kickflip Product Personalizer” Kickflip Product Personalizer | Shopify App Store

Is it possible to create the same logic in Webflow?
Because I would like to combine the shop and the Website in “one” Website.
Has anyone experience with that kinde of logic. (IF, ELSE, XOR …)

Thank you for the Support.

Creating Product Variants

Thank you for the Input.
But the product options from the Standard eCommerce Plan, aren’t enough.
Because it cannot handle that many variations and Combinations, for example:

(OPT1) Productiontime
[24h, 3-5days]

(OPT2) Format
[24h - A4, A3, A2]
[3-5days - A1, A0, B1, B0]

(OPT3) Grammature
[24h, A4 - 80g, 120g, 180g]
[24h, A3, A4 - 190g]
[3-5days, A1 - 120g, 180, 200g]

OPT3) Pricing and QTY:
24h, A4, 80g - 10qty = 10$
24h, A3, 190g - 30qty = 35$

I Hope you know what I mean :slight_smile:
Thank you