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Dynamic PDFs from web page very slow

I have set up a dynamic collection page for my clients individual product so that on the click of a button, the user can download a data sheet PDF for that specific product.

I’m doing this using (a well-established third party for converting HTML to PDF).

However, whatever I do, the conversion takes way too long. I’m getting an average of around 12 seconds. My internet connection is more than fast enough.

I’ve been in touch with pdfMyURL Support and this is what they said:

"Your page sends 102 requests to load, which is quite a lot. That includes more than 40 (!) font files… Even on a 200Mb line (which my work laptop is on) it takes 2.5 seconds to just load. This requests alone almost takes a second:

**1. Request URL: **

On our test server I can see the conversion time is around 6 seconds, which sounds about right due to the complexity of the page. I welcome you to test other alternatives, but it’s unlikely you will get a better performance without optimizing your page to be honest. Depending on your network it could then take some time for you to receive the popup to save, but in my case that’s negligible. "

I don’t think that the page is particularly complex and the images are well optimised. I don’t understand what all the requests are about and why they are happening. Although I’m not a coder, I’ve added two scripts myself on these pages:

  1. For formatting the highlighted features of the product (only displayed on the web page and not for the PDF) - cobbled together by me.
  2. For the PDF conversion - originates from PDFmyURL.

As mentioned, whatever I’ve tried doesn’t have any affect on the speed of conversion which is much to slow to be of any use. It’s a major issue for my client.

Before I get too concerned about the slowness being a Webflow thing, I’m probably missing something really obvious and was wondering if anyone could help me with this.

Web page:

Webflow website share:

Your “DOWNLOAD DATA SHEET AS PDF” button works for me, a PDF was downloaded almost instantly.

Thanks for giving it a try, where are you based?

It takes even longer for me now - around 15 seconds.

Australia. 0.9 seconds.