Dynamic Nav Link Glitch?

Just gone live with my first Webflow CMS (with help!) but the navigation is glitching:

In the drop down navigation column 1 ‘Products’ - ‘Folders and Ringer Binders’ incorrectly links to homepage. The other three links in this column work fine. Each pulls dynamic content from its category (or sectors and materials). Rest working fine.


Any help appreciated.

Cheers Gary

Hi Gary,
Is that Collection item published? As it is doing that for me too, even when pasting the link. Also could be a Redirect if you have set some up pointing to new or changed Slugs?

Nice boxes!


Hi Sam,
Spotted - I’ve checked through the 286 redirects (!) and this one was mistakingly added in the copy / paste frenzy.
Good shout…


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Hi Gary,

Glad it was that and not a bug!

I’ve bookmarked your site for next time some boxes are required.


They’re very good! Used them for a property developers handover box.
Thanks again Sam.

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