Dynamic meta tags from request parameters

We have specific requirement where by we need to be able to customise some meta tag values based on GET request parameters. Unfortunately, as these tags are read by bots in the plain HTML, setting these values with javascript doesn’t do the job (the bots read these tags without running any javascript).

Is there any means within webflow to be able to set these parameters dynamically without javascript? I fear the only option is to export the site as PHP and then use server side code to do what we need.

Your Q is very general. Give example of “request-parameters” - The bots read HTML (Client side). You can add meta maybe. or hidden html.

That is actually not correct. Google, for example, uses a headless version of chromium and looks at the rendered content, JavaScript included. This is documented in Search Central.

Reference: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/crawling-indexing/javascript/javascript-seo-basics

Apologies, I should have been more specific. What we’re trying to do here is customise an Open Graph image tag which is used to produce the preview image when sharing the link across platforms.

It’s not bots as such, but server requests from different media platforms that are just looking to pull out the OG tags data and do not invoke any javascript.

We have a specific requirement that needs this image to be customised per request (we have a custom system that allows the image to incorporate some text supplied in the url). We need to take the value of a GET request parameter and insert that into a part of the url in the og:image tag.

Then dynamic application code serving up the page would be required, such as PHP, etc… or you may be able to pull this off using Cloudflare Workers, if you proxy the site with CF.

I’d not considered that. Thanks. We shall investigate.