Dynamic menu item (embarrassed to ask)

I have been updating a site someone else created and am able to figure most aspects out, I am having trouble understanding how the main menu overlay is generated.

For example, on the attached, I can’t see where the four main headings and sub sections can be edited?

Many thanks guys.


No way I live round the corner from the art school.

  1. The classes your’e looking for are .Package, .menuwrapper, .menuoverlay
  2. They are controlled by interactions within the panel.

So if you activate the menu then inspect and .panel { display: none; } you’ll see how its been put together. The data-wf-id’s are associated with animations and you can see "style=“opacity: 1” which means it had to have been an initial of 0 in order for the menu to appear on click.

If your’e not comfortable with dev tools just turn off the interactions called “menu open, menu close” on the assigned class .panel and it will be visible on screen. Good luck with that one.

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HI @jacobite to get access and see menu element change temporarily menu-overlay from fixed to relative.

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hi @jacobite if you do not have further questions and issue doesn’t persist feel free to close your request as solved :wink:

many thanks to both for taking the time to share your expertise. Much appreciated.

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