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Dynamic Lists Displaying Multiple Categories

Hi all,

I’m needing some help with Dynamic lists. I have a list of teachers and in the list I have it set to where the list shows all the teachers where “School 1 is X School.” But I also want to add teachers to the same list where their “School 2 is X School.” But when I add it, it wants only teachers that meet that exact condition.

Is there a way to say display teachers who have School is X or School 2 as X?

Or is this impossible? Does this make sense?

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Can you give us a little bit more information please to help you better?

Screenshots, pages, elements, classes, etc all that helps us understand better and more in big sites like yours.

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Sure! So, this is a school website and we wanted to make it easy for people to search and find their child’s teacher so they can contact them easily. We combined the dynamic list with list.js to make it easy to search.

So we have a page for each school so we can list out their teachers. Here’s what the teacher collection looks like:

This collection has two reference fields. One for School 1 (The primary school they teach at) and for School 2 (Sometimes teachers float between two sites).

The School reference field is set up just like a blog category. Here’s a screenshot:

So I have a page to list teachers that are at a specific site. In this case, Collins Elementary:

To make the list display teachers from a specific school I inserted a dynamic list, bound it to teachers, and then used the filter to Set School 1 = Collins Elementary. It displays the teachers who are primary at Collins. But when I also add School 2 = Collins Elementary so I can display those that travel it doesn’t show any responses because it wants both parameters to be true.

This page is called Collins Elementary and it’s in the Contact a Teacher folder. Here is a screenshot of the filter.


Hopefully that makes more sense!

Having a very similar problem but i’m not using reference fields. I need to filter a list of doctors according to the medical procedures they do, so i thought of using either vairous option field copies or various switch elements for each procedure so i can display them according to every option/switch active. I’m not sure this will work (just started implementing it) but it is kind of an annoying task to set all this. Is there any other way?

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