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Dynamic List Items misbehaving in Safari

Hi Webflow Rockstars,

I’m getting a bug in Safari.

Below is a screenshot of what’s happening. The second item in the first column, “Newport Bachelorette Party Ideas” should be the first item in the second column. But it appears to be wrapping to the second line, and throwing off the layout and order.
01 AM

I’ve got this set up as one Dynamic List wrapper, sorted from newest blog post to oldest, starting at article 13 and limited to 8. I’m working in the page “Weddings”.

Here is my public share link:

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Hello @Holly

Try overriding order of your dynamic items


Thanks @Blaise_Posmyouck! This seems to have worked. Any idea why I would need to do this here? Any idea why these might not be behaving normally?

No idea :slight_smile:

I guess Safari browser needs this addition in order to make it work

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