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Dynamic List Is Glitchy on Mobile

This is a follow-up to a bug reported earlier and we’re still have issues with it.

Problem (On the our-team page)
We are getting reformatting of images and texts. Things are breaking when scrolling down the page.
I’ve recorded a screen video of the issues we’re experiencing HERE

Troubleshooting to date:
We’ve removed all custom code on the site and still experiencing the glitches.
Made sure displays weren’t set to float accidentally on any elements.

We are experiencing these issues on Iphone, android, safari mobile and chrome mobile.

Please help thank you!!!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @pixelsock,

I took a look at your site and it seems you’re using a code embed to display the team members data.
While custom code can increase functionality, it can also potentially cause some conflicts on the live site.

I’d suggest rebuilding the partner staff list, using the native Collection fields to display your data. You can easily recreate the structure on the code Embed with the native elements and link each to the correspondent field on the Collection.

This should prevent this behavior and fix the issue.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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