Dynamic List Interactions—SETTLED

“Dynamic List” list items inherit style attributes from other other list items within their own collections—this is awesome. They also inherit interactions, which can be awesome too.

But…is there a way to “turn off” interaction inheritance, so that each item can have it own interaction setting?

The first six portfolio blocks on my page have a staggered fade-in IA.

The next six portfolio blocks on my page are served by a collection and share a fade-in interaction that makes them fade-in at the same time. I’d like them to have a staggered effect like the fist six.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @anon55398716, unfortunately, in the same dynamic list it will be not possible.

Can’t you just create 2 different dynamic lists, and then add filters so that only 1-6 show on the first list?

@sabanna, Thanks!

I’ll work around this. Having the same IA timing for all is growing on me.

@kasperkazzual Ooooooooh…so if I want to showcase 24 portfolio thumbnails, I would have to have 24 different lists, like 24 separate divs?

If you want different interactions on every single one of them, I think so…

That would be too messy :confused:

@kasperkazzual, Thank you for your thinking…I didn’t think of that and that might be a suitable work-around for something with only a few items. But I do think it would get unruly for many more than that. Thanks, @sabanna.

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