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Dynamic List content not showing on iPhone on published site

I’ve been using Webflow for about three months now and I’ve never had this problem until now. When I’m working online in the Designer everything looks fine when I switch between the various viewers. I’ve made sure nothing is hidden as well.

My problem is after I’ve published my changes to the web and I visit the site on my iPhone the three small content boxes are gone. But they show up on my Desktop and I can change my screen size and I see them move around.

I’ve attached a screen from my iPhone (using cell data - no wi-fi) and also a screengrab from Webflow to show what I should be seeing.

Read-Only Website Link

As seen from iPhone:

As seen with Webflow:

Thanks for any help!


Can you post your public link please How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Sure thing! Sorry about that - I thought that was a public link. Try this.


I am seeing this behavior in the editor in safari as well. But I honestly have no clue why. @samliew @sabanna Either one of you mind taking a look?

Hi @BWCCO, I took a look, and there appears to be some styling on the Hero Tile that iOS is not respecting, the height of 100% and the overflow to hidden on the dynamic list wrapper. I would remove the height override style and set the overflow to visible:

After making these changes, the items become visible on iPhone for me.

I hope this helps !


Sure thing! That Solved it!! Thanks so much @cyberdave!

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