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Dynamic List - Category Tags

How do I make the category tags’ BACKGROUND colour change?

The ‘colour’ option in the dynamic list changes the text colour instead of the background.

If I change the style on the tag itself, the backgrounds all change - How do I make each tag have a different colour background with white text?

Thank you in advance!

By the way, you will need to go to the BLOG page.

Hi, @Touchbase

You can use option “Get BG color from…” on the settings panel:


Hi Anna,

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I did do that and they are all still the same colour.
The BG colour is in my settings but if I remove it the background becomes transparent:

If I change the colour in the dynamic collection, the text colour changes.

If I change the colour in the settings, the background colour changes.

I am not sure where the issue is…

Here’s my link:

Hello, @Touchbase

Could you, please, clarify what exactly color you want to be dynamic? Text color or background color of the tags?

The background colour, please! I would like the text to remain white, like in your blog templates

Hey, @Touchbase

Here is a screencast of steps how to apply different colors on tags for blog categories. The only thing, I have no access to SAVE changes in the dynamic collection.

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