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Dynamic link not pointing to it's collection page; 404 error

I have a collection list with a summary of each item that is intended to point to a page with more detail. The wrapper and list items are styled as needed and all elements are pulling in the data from the collection correctly, but the link to the collection page is not working. I get a 404 error. In the Designer workspace, I can view the template page with the information for each item, so there’s not an issue with that.

The problem is on this page:

And the collection list is under the heading ‘Sunday School’. The ‘Learn More’ links within each of the four items (Middle School Class, High School Class, etc.) are the ones not working.

I believe I have this all set up correctly but need someone to take a look and help me determine what’s amiss.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I reviewed your list and settings, everything seems fine. Can you try:

  • deleting your link
  • create it again using a new class
  • set it again to Current Group

and publish and test?