Dynamic link cms images from another cms

Have a CMS “Property Sites” with site images that would like to display on other CMS pages “Properties”.

On the “Properties” CMS, I created a multi-reference field so I could pull data and images from “Property Sites” CMS.

However, I’m not able to select the images when trying to create an image gallery. Any ideas? Is this even possible?

Hi @z-develop, what you are trying to do is possible you only need to use a collection list to create a gallery of images. first, add a collection list and give it a source of the multi-reference field after that add the image element inside of the collection item and use the field as its source.

you can learn more about multi-reference fields in this video made by Webflow. https://university.webflow.com/lesson/multi-reference-field?topics=cms-dynamic-content

Hi @zafremedia , I did create a multi-reference field and have it’s a source, the issue is selecting the image “site images”, it’s not letting me do so. Am I using the correct collection list wrapper?

See picture below:

At a glance that doesn’t look right, but difficult to check without the designer link.

If your collection list is bound to Property Sites, then you need a nested collection list within it bound to the multi-image field.

Thanks for this information, was able to solve based on your input. This is final layout which worked for me. Hopefully someone else can benefit from it as well.

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