Dynamic form input based on user ID

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project that will user Webflow Memberships as a key component.
One of the pages will include a form, where a user can sign up for a specific activity.
That data is then sent to a CRM, where a task is created based on the information input in the form.

Users that are logged in will be able to sign up via the form but I need some kind of way to tell which user signed up for the activity.

Is there a way to dynamically insert the first name, last name and CRM ID into the form without the user having to type anything themselves? Assuming that all of these fields are in the user’s account information.

Appreciate any help.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Fractal Experience

Hi @oscarlord, i’ve not used the membership feature myself. Though, adding first name, last name and CRM ID into the form automatically should be possible with some script.

You can generate the CRM ID based on timestamp and unique number.

Hi Oscar,

Webflow doesn’t yet make the logged-in user’s info available anywhere outside of the user-account screen. This is a key request on the table for a lot of the BETA users, including my agency.

We’ve built a script solution that allows you to get the login state, and the email of the user, as well as a unique persistent alternate key that we use for external integrations.

We’re currently expanding it to include access groups, user name & ID, user custom fields, and arbitrary user metadata. Those should be available by the end of Q1.

What I’d recommend you do is continue to connect your Webflow User accounts and your CRM accounts by storing your CRM customer ID in a Webflow User custom field. You won’t be able to access it now, but at some point, either Webflow or a 3rd party library like ours will make that accessible by script, and bindable to form fields.

Hi @oscarlord :wave: welcome back.

If you can do this from a CMS Collection Page, then you can snag this out of the CMS trivially with a hidden form field.

This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for and it seems like you are the first one to actually deliver on it!

As far as I understand, there is no way to link the “unique ID” input to a specific field in the user’s account, correct?

I am planning to do as you advised, store a CRM database ID as a custom field in the user account information, link that to a hidden field and create a task related to that specific contact ID generated from the form.

Well done to you and your team - looking forward to v2!

Thanks, our clients needed it too. We’re really looking forward to expanding it further.

Correct, at the moment the library itself isn’t able to retrieve custom user fields, so it cannot retrieve e.g. your CRM customer ID. We have a few clients we’ve custom-built that capability for, but it requires some special setup on the site to support the programming.