Dynamic filters in Collection

Hello every one !

I have a collection filled automatically with multiple RSS articles feed.
Each item is automatically created with Zapier pushing items in it from multiple sources.
But the limitation with Zapier is that I cannot automatically push a plain text data (the source author) into a Reference collection field.

My problem :

I have a main collection with Authors in it.
When I create the template page from an Authors collection page, I gather info from the authors collection to create a profile, and further down the page, I want to display another collections with the articles items from my RSS article feed collection.
The problem is that the filter for the RSS collection is not dynamic so I cannot automatically display only the articles from the RSS feed linked to the Author profile as Zapier cannot push content in a dynamic field.

As I want every thing to be automated, my problem is that I will need for every article item (from the RSS collection) to manually select the author linked to it. Si Using RSS pushing won’t be of use as I’ll have to do it manually every time.

In short what I want tot do.

Authors template page
Top section : author profile info gathered dynamycaly from authors collection
Bottom section : display articles from RSS Feed collection filtered by Author field from the collection (being a plain text field from zapier, as zapier cannot push reference collection item). But filtering from plain text means same locked filter on Author page even when changing the author.

Looking forward to your answers.


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You will need to create a lookup table of your authors and their ID’s.
In your automation, determine the author’s ID, and use that for your ref rield value.

@memetican Thank you so Much :pray: It works perfectly !!!
I’ve been working on a way around this problem and killing my a** off for a few days now !!

Once again thank you for the hack :ok_hand: