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Dynamic filtering and more than one filter

Hi everyone,

I’ve gone through a few articles about advanced filtering in the CMS but can’t seem to find my answer. Hopefully I’m not repeating an existing posts.

I’m building a portal where teachers from different cities and countries will have a profile. All good so far as I have created a CMS template for the teacher’s profile.

On each teacher’s profile, I want to show similar teachers according to at at least two conditions:

For example, if you’re on a teacher profile and he teaches maths and lives in London, I want to show similar teacher that match those conditions. However, each profile will vary so the filtering needs to be dynamic and show similar profiles according to that.

I can only seem to figure a way to use one condition when using the filter in the CMS.

Basically my questions is, is there any way to use dynamic fields in the filter and have more than one filter?


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