Dynamic filter with multiple nested collections

Hi everyone!
Here’s my situation:

  • I have a CMS collection with Menu Items
  • On the menu page, I have a category name (mains, desserts, sides, etc) + a collection list for each category (8 collection lists on the page)
  • I need to add dynamic filters to each category (filter for gf, vegan, vegetarian items) (technically it would be the same filter added multiple times to different categories).
  • I created a dynamic filter based on finsweet guides, it works BUT it requires nested collections, which are limited to 1 per page. But I need 8 of them! When I follow workarounds for multiple nested collections, my filters stop working. What can I do?

Hi Ana,
I have trouble making cms-driven filters to filter a CMS collection. I have trouble binding the form inputs into my CMS list. Did you figure it out? Thanks - Andras

@Ana_Oliinyk @schaffan

Hey, did you found a solution for this?