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Dynamic filter | Make search results better

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Webflow, and I’m using it as my client asked me to create a filter-like system to help our customers to easily find any specific article from our magazines.
We are a publishing company specialized in teaching and learning materials for English and French learners/teachers. I am myself not native in English.

The page:

I used a template made by the great [Finsweet] (
I adapted it with the content from our magazines (I didn’t create the code or the design myself). Please don’t check the mobile responsive design as it’s not done yet. Within the search bar, our clients can search through any word and have the specific content displayed. It works well so far (and I can combine other filters as well to make a more specific search result), but I’d like to make it as sharp as possible.

I have two concerns:

  1. When I tape “King”, it displays articles such as “About King Arthur’s legends” which is perfect as we are looking for such contents. But it also displays any word with “king” in it, such as “Now you’re talKING” (the system understands that since there is “king” in “talking”, it should appear). How do I specify or make it clear that when we do a research, it should be considered as a full word, and should ONLY display content which has the exact full word as written in the search bar?

  2. Also, when I tape “Queen”, it displays a lot of articles that are not “Queen” related. Any though why this is happening? Though it works perfectly when I try other keywords like “New York”, “London”, etc. I don’t know why “Queen” isn’t working. That’s really… odd.

Any help is appreciated as I’m new to all of that :slight_smile: and sorry for my broken English…

Thank you!