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Dynamic Embed in iframe

I’m trying to create a dynamically embedded iframe. I created dynamic links for the width, height and source link but it doesn’t seem to be connecting. Not sure what I missed, HTML code below.

<iframe width="dynamic_width" height="dynamic_height" src="dynamic_link" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hi @freshlesh3,

Can you attach a share/read only link to your project? How to Enable a Webflow Share Link


In the Projects Template>Item: [Draft] #Base Project

There is a HTML embed called “Prototype Block”
In the block are the dynamic links to the ‘prototype site link’ and ‘width and height’ for the iframe.

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What if you use number field?

@PterDimitrov Just tried it, no luck.
Nothing but a blank iframe, but the dimensions of the iframe are correct.

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The iframe won’t load at all now on Webflow. I created a second iframe without dynamic embeds and it wont load either. Not sure what happened thats preventing it.

@ [austin] or @ [PiterDimitrov] Is it possible to input the entire iframe HTML instead of the distinct elements? Meaning can I just create a text field and fill it with iframe HTML and make that a dynamic embed?

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