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Dynamic embed a multi-reference field to create a metafizzy filter

Hi there

Ive set up a nice metafizzy filter for this site on the homepage. It worked fine, when each of the images was assigned just one of the filter categories from a single reference field in the collection pulled into a hidden text box with the class of .filter. But now the client wants to assign multiple filters to each of the images, so I was thinking to replace the text field hidden in the image collection with an embed, name that .filter and then use a dynamic embed to pull in a multi-reference field.

I have set up the multi-reference field in the defenders collection, and unlinked the single reference fields.

But to my shock I cant pull in a multi-reference field into an embed. So any other ideas other than literally type the multiple references into an extra text field in the collection and have the dynamic embed pull in from that? Seems a bit of a hack.