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Dynamic data images overflows instead of being contained

Hello all,

I’m having an issue with a logo grid I created for my client. For some reason the dynamically loaded logos are not contained by the parent container while they are contained by the exact same classes outside of a dynamic element.

Here is the new dynamic page, notice the logo for Paxton

Here is the original page

They are both the exact same classes and nesting but for some reason the older version contains the logo height and scales it instead of letting it overflow like that. Overflow hidden or scroll or anything like that makes no difference, it just cuts it off.

I can provide a public link via PM if requested.

Any help would be appreciated.


For .vendorlogo

max-width: 100%;
max-height: 100%;
width: auto;
height: auto;
margin: 0 auto;

The problem here is that you have set a fixed width for all the logos. You can either choose this (similar to background: cover), or choose to contain the image within it’s bounds (similar to background: contain).

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