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Dynamic Data Driven Elements in Site Design

Hello Community,

I’ve gone through all the videos, I am mesmerized by webflow. :smile:

One thing I would love to see is having webflow be data-driven through data sources, primarily sources such as a REST service.

For instance, in the Full Site Demo Video, it makes use of the Testimonial Slider. Instead of copy/pasting those different slides, I want to be able to configure the slider to get its content from a REST service call, and I can style/template each slide to display the data returned from the data source accordingly.

Thank you for any consideration!

I don’t know much about REST, but for some site we’re populating elements using the Custom Attributes feature of Webflow and a JS API. (and any database).

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OK that is cool. I was also thinking it would be great to integration webflow with aurelia as well. If there is any documentation/videos around custom attributes in webflow I would be more than happy/interested in checking them out. Obviously, they are not provided in the stock/default videos or else I wouldn’t be asking for them. :smile:

Thank you!

Hi @MikeEEE, we do plan to add support for dynamic data :slight_smile: If you have some extra time, please share your thoughts on this here: Content Management System Functionality (CMS, blog, dynamic content, etc). Cheers, Dave

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