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Dynamic Custom Code?

I am finishing up a client site at the moment, and while the new dynamic content has allowed for some awesome things (like allowing my client to customize the various thematic elements on the website) I am looking to take it just one step further.

Currently I am using the “theme-color” code to give the website address bar a custom color while viewing the site within Chrome mobile, however I am learning that this color may not always be appropriate for my client as they change the thematic elements. While I know I can go in and change this setting as needed, I’d like to put that responsibility on my client.

Since I have a “Theme” collection already, which allows my client to change site-wide colors, I’d like to add a separate Color field which controls the custom code embedded within the section of the website. I would assume this type of functionality could potentially work, since I can call on Dynamic Content within the SEO section within my Collection Templates, however I haven’t seen anyone else looking for this type of functionality.

Is this possible?

Hi @mikeyevin

If I got you right, you set “theme-color” with meta tags, which should be in the head part of the page code.
You can use dynamic colors from the collection if you will add that code snippet in the template page custom code area. But static pages custom code does not allow you to use dynamic fields. And I don’t think embed code widget will work for meta tags.

So, your idea is possible… but not absolutely :confused:


Theme options that the editor can change. Good idea! Why don’t you request for this in the wishlist category?

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