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Dynamic Content Video - How do I replace with simple slides?

Hi, I have found this process section in the cloneable projects. I thought it was neat and wanted to use something similar for one of the landing pages I’m building.

Here is my question: How do I replace the dynamic content wrapped video with:

a) 4 individual slides (Static Images) that change corresponding to when the numbers of “Step1,2,3,4” change

b) or replace it with a video that I’ll create and have the sections of the video change corresponding to when the numbers of “Step 1,2,3,4” change?

Pretty new to Webflow (6 months or so) but this one seemed a bit more challenging for me to understand how to pull through. Thank you for your time and any suggestions or ideas would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!!

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I want to know as well. Did u manage it?