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Dynamic content not exporting in Personal plan. Why you didn't tell in advance?!

So here is what happened:

  • I subscribed to webflow personal plan (paying every month).
  • I bought a theme (paid once).
  • I was spending time making a website myself and enjoying it.

And this was to be able to create a website. All is good, but theme has dynamic content, what makes sense for portfolio section, team members display and other things… Dynamic content is displayed on different pages, and it’s cool.

And when I want to export and upload files to hosting, it doesn’t export dynamic content.
Makes zero sense. Why this information was not given before, so I would just simply go with Wordpress?
I don’t need any connection with CMS, content editor possibility and so on. All that I need - to upload my website and make it work. Seriously, I wasted time worth more than I would pay to developers to create a custom coded website…

Clients don’t pay for a product, they pay for experience… And I just got a nice toy that wasted my time …

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Hi Oleksiy,

I agree with you. There is no indication of CMS restrictions/limitations when you attempt to purchase a theme when creating a project. It would be confusing and frustrating for anyone to encounter this late in the development process.

Please do contact Webflow support directly at, and explain your situation. Webflow staff are understanding, and I am sure they can happily resolve your problem.

Thanks @samliew. Contacted.
Seems like there is only one solution - to host on webflow at the moment.

I am just as pissed off as you! No heads up, wasted time…