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Dynamic content + multicolumn layout

My issue is as follows,

I have dynamic content, that the client wants in a blog like this. It all works fine, however somehow the multicolumn setting makes it so that it claims about 3 times the space. Obviously we can restrict this space. But i would like to know why it claims this space without using it.

Also funny is that the dynamic content wrapper. Shows that it only uses the space it needs. (see video)

would anyone happen to know how we can work around this?

Hello, @burt

  1. Columns layout should be set to the “Blog list”, not the “Dynamic blog”
  2. Make “Dynamic blog” display: block (not inline-block)

It will fix the issue


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WOOHOO! Anna you’re the hero again! That worked perfectly fine! Thanks a lot!

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Hi Anna, i just ran into a similar issue with dynamic content.

On my Event’s detail page. There is a problem regarding the dynamic slider.

I have 5 possible slides. All conditionally visual. This works perfectly, However the slider ALWAYS thinks that there is one last slide. For now i solved it by giving the mask a nice background so its not just plain grey. However It would be nice if it could understand that theres not extra slide.

Did i make a stupid mistake again?

I found this guy having the same problem but no solution :frowning: I've created a Dynamic slider but there is a weird problem

I am sorry, but here I can’t find the solution :/…
Even in the static slider, if you will make 1 slide display:none, it will hold the place of this slide inside the mask. I think it related to the slider functionality (javaScript).

Darn, thats too bad :frowning: but i will talk to my client tomorrow and see how we can deal with it.

Thanks anyhow! According to what webflow is doing with dynamic content right now, i believe they owe the community a huge update anyways sometime very soon :smiley: So i’ll postphone my decision about webflow till that moment :slightly_smiling:

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