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Dynamic Content Item image tag

I want to display my items’ status field from my dynamic item collection as a ribbon/tag on the top right corner of my dynamic item div block. For example some items are “NEW”, some are “SOLD OUT” and some are blank status. For blank status item I want to show nothing. For new and sold out I want to show them in different styles if possible. Is this doable? or every item will look exactly the same?

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Hi @eliblu,

It is double :slight_smile: You will have to create all 3 versions if empty tag will have to have some special style too, or 2 version if empty tag will mean “show nothing at all”.

All version of tag will contain text field connected to item data and every of “versions” will have different condition visibility:

  1. Show tag if text contains SOLD
  2. Show tag if text contains NEW
  3. Show tag if text is not set

Hope it helps.


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