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Dynamic content based on form Select dropdown value

Hi there, I would like to check if there is any reference to create a “workflow” using select dropdown value in a form.
If user select option 1 → submit form directly and show thank you page
if user select option 2 → display 2 radio button (required field), if user select radio button with value “x” then proceed to enable submit button.

Any advice on code to:

  1. disable submit button on page load, unless a) user select option 1 in form select field, or b) user select option 2 + radio button value “x”
  2. Read form select field value on the fly and submit form automatically
  3. Read “Dropdown” element value on the fly and update html hidden field value
  4. Read form radio grp button value on the fly

Any possibility of creating the workflow without using custom code?

Thank you in advanced.

Hey there! Welcome to the Community!

To be completely straightforward there’s not any way to accomplish this to my knowledge without using custom Javascript. You would need to use a listener to look for activity in the select field, which would then invoke a function that will pull a value that you set for each select element option and based on that value will call another function to execute on the final actions (display radio button or submit form).

Someone here may be able to jump in to work through this script with you but I would recommend you take a look into some JavaScript courses. I went with DevEd: Creative JS Course and loved it!

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