Dynamic Collection with Custom LIghtbox in a Slide Show

Like the title says I’m trying to create a lightbox inside a slide show but with a dynamic collection.

For some reason I cannot get the popup modal to extend beyond the slide show. Even though it should be full screen. I tried setting elements of the slide show to overflow:visible but no luck there.

Here’s the link. It’s the slide show directly under the hero section (photos).

Share Link - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/zipsloth?preview=7aa324a4a461b3065dbba6bd952cc3b3

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

The element that has the overflow hidden it the Mask element. I tried changing it but it doesn’t solve your issue entirely.

Yeah I tried changing that as well. Doesn’t resolve the issue. Hence I’m stumped. Thanks for taking a loook tho.

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