Dynamic CMS hide filter – Type of conditional waterfall effect?

Is it possible to automatically hide a CMS item if that item appears in another CMS earlier on page?

On this site, the main and sub-section featured articles draws from different categories. Would like the client to be able to load an article that is toggled to ‘featured’ and not worry that it is showing up twice on the same page.

Currently they need to switch off a ‘featured on home page’ toggle for an article to show up in other sections - would like it to rather just automatically hide that article if that article is shown in featured area.

You can set a conditional format. Element is visible when “Featured” is not set.


This is similar to how it is currently done and does not solve it, it still means that client has to go and change each article after it is published for it to appear in a seperate non-featured area on that page.