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Duplicating project

I am going to duplicate a current project to re-design the organization of the website. I know the host and domain will stay associated to the current project while I’m doing this. I just want to make sure I can make changes to current, public facing project while I have a duplicate, that project will continue to be public facing until I transfer the host and domain, and that changes I make to the duplicate won’t affect the current project or vice a versa.

Thank you!

Yep if you duplicate the site, add a “long number to the end” instead of - ( or whatever it is) - make it “onethousand” spelled out. This eliminates someone accidentally typing it in.

Also, you won’t make changes to the copy, but I would definitely add a “clear copy name” as the filename to make sure no slip up.

And you can publish this copy without have a live site up, not worrying about customers seeing it. Using the long typed number name ensures that.

Thank you! so to just make sure I’m clear, as long as I have a clear file name for the two projects and spelling out a long number on the copy I will:
-be able to make changes to the duplicate without it being published on the web
-make changes to the original, public facing that will be reflected on the web
-all until I transfer domain and host to the duplicate. at which point i can publish the duplicate on the web and that will be customer facing

probably best practice to delete the old one to avoid confusion after?

thanks for clarifying!

Yep, on the copy just MAKE SURE TO USE A UNIQUE name.

As soon as you copy it, go to the Project Settings > General and make sure these are changed away from the original to be certain. Save!

Afterwards, in the Designer, look at these settings after you copy the original.


Yes you can publish this - it will be live with a name that can’t be mistakenly used. You’ll need this name if you want to view and test on a tablet, ipad, phone, etc.

So your original will be fine. However, if you add tons of animations or interactivity, it may be best to simply delete the original and rename the copy to the original. You understand what I mean.

Thank you I appreciate your response!

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