Duplicating Project / Disabling eCommerce

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: Hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

Right now 75% of my homepage is composed of JS, just about all of it is from the Webflow JS file. After removing all of the interactions, across different pages and viewports, someone from the customer support team came back to me and essentially said - actually, most of the JS is probably ecommerce related and not from the interactions.

As I imagine everyone likely knows, since it has been brought up a few hundred times in the forum and wishlist, the ecommerce feature cannot be disabled. Someone from the customer support team suggested I start a fresh clean project and move everything over, but I don’t even know how I would start that process. The most frustrating part is I just purchased a site plan literally five days ago and apparently, I have to buy another one again.

Does anyone have a solution to either being stuck with having the ecommerce feature on your page or fixing the huge Webflow JS file? or know of any easier way to restarting a website?

This is honestly really frustrating, it’s almost as if Webflow is pitched as a simple, no code platform but purposely makes certain aspects difficult to the point where you need to solicit support from a Webflow Expert, costing you thousands.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this, because I don’t have anywhere else to turn and the customer support team can’t provide any assistance.

I have included the read-only link for my site below.

Please View The Site In The ‘1920px Viewport’: Webflow Site Read Only Link