Duplicates are showing in checkboxes inside collection list

Hello All,


I have connected a Collections List to a Products database. And then I have placed checkboxes inside Collections List Items. I have connected the text of the checkboxes to a field inside Products called Location. Location does not contain unique values, e.g, there’s more than one ‘South Africa’ Location.

I would like the checkboxes not to show duplicates. Instead of 3 'South Africa’s, I would like to show 1. How do I do this?


Hey Red, you’ll want to share your project link, so the community can see your data and your collection list setup. Without that we can’t help much.

Also very important, what’s your end goal here? What are you trying to do with the checkboxes? Is this a dynamic filter mechanism you’re building, or part of an order process?
Or is it going on a customer preferences page?