Duplicated WWW in the domain

Hey there
We are experiencing a problem with the duplication of the www in the domain name.
We are desperately trying to get the website live.
We have followed instruction and placed the correct A records provided on our host DNS info;
We have not added a CNAME because we have the www as the default.
WHY are we having this issue?
We have contacted Webflow but have not received an answer.
The site was published over 16 hours ago.

Here is my site Read-Only:
Webflow - Minorities2022

The problem:

I would definitely use Webflow’s recommended configuration for your DNS, including the CNAME. I’m fairly certain that’s essential for SSL the way they’ve set it up.

That in combination with setting your default site as the www. version should do the trick.

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Kia ora @FeliciaForbes

Looks like you have it working and our support team has been in touch. The default domain configuration for Webflow is to have three DNS records. Two A records and one CNAME as @memetican has mentioned.

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Quite funny that I didn’t even notice the Kia ora there to Felicia. I’ve also been living in NZ for a few years, and it just seemed normal. May be time for a trek back to the states.