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Duplicated CMS Item on live page filtered with Jetboost


on my live page there are some items duplicated. I use the Jetboost filter.
Any ideas how I can fix that?

Maybe @cspags?

@Oriol_Segarra I saw you had the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Here is my read-only link:

Hi Jan! This can happen if the Jetboost script is included twice in your project. Unfortunately, with the read-only link, I’m not able to view your Project Settings, where the Jetboost script tag would be. But I’m fairly confident this is what’s causing the issue you’re seeing.

If not, let me know, thanks!

Hi @cspags, thanks for your quick help. I fixed it.

Some days ago I installed an consent banner dsgvo tool named cookiefirst. And I put the code into that tool and also in webflow at the custom code section. So for visitors who accepted the cookie banner they had the code twice.

Cheers Jan

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