Duplicated CMS Collections are Locked and Empty

Good afternoon all,

So I’m creating a dynamic CMS filter (Or at least trying to) by having duplicated CMS collections with different filter categories that I will be setting to dissapear and reappear when certain buttons are clicked.

However when I created copies of my CMS collections and gave them combo classes to help separate them (Giving them unique classes gave me the same problem.) I’m told the collections are empty (They are not) and that I need to assign them to a collection (They are locked so I can’t… and they’re already set to the CMS collection that I want so… what gives?).

They are currently set to Display:None but even turning that off changes nothing… this is a real head scratcher for me.

I tried deleting the original CMS Collection and that didn’t seem to change anything either.

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… and I’ve just realised it’s because I haven’t given any of the items a category yet.

Ignore, solved! Store for later dunces like myself!