Duplicate URL 404 Pages

My client is facing a weird problem. It’s about some 404 pages. I can see the URL is duplicating here but why or where these pages are coming from? Can anyone help, please? TIA.

Somewhere in your site you have a URL set incorrectly as https:/revolutionordering... with just the one slash.

Link URLs and CMS link fields probably would not let you enter that, so chances are you have it in an HTML embed or custom code.

My guess is that it’s in your nav or footer, because the browser is trying to construct it as a relative link on 2 pages;

/increase-restaurant-sales, and

However a quick look at your site and I didn’t see it there. It looks like you’re using Google Ads / doubleclick or something on your site which appears to contain full URLs. Check that setup, you may fine your broken URLs there.