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Duplicate Slider Appearing on Two Project Pages?

I’m having an issue with the same slider element appearing on two of my project pages. When I switch out an image in the slider, the same images appear on the other project page as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this? I don’t believe the sliders are a symbol.

Here are the pages published on the website:

Here’s my read only link:

Hi @Alyssa thank you so much for posting this! The background image you have on Slide 1 is associated with the classname.

You can add a different class name or a combo class name to your slide to change out the background image for each respective slide. Keep in mind that your slider is on a Collection Page so that content will be the same on all collection items within the Project collection unless you pull the background image from a field in your collection:

Thanks for the clarification!

Is there any way to add more images to a field in a collection then? Other than the main image and alternate image. Or is there a way to add more fields?

EDIT: I’ve figured it out. I went to the project settings>collections fields and added more fields there in order to add more images.

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