Duplicate Site Question

Hey Everyone!

My share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/under30experiences?preview=5e88f05e80cdc37b2b7e5d7f149d4218

I have two of the same site. I created one as a backup when transferring from another account.

I am curious whether this negatively effects SEO. Also, whenever I change one, the other changes as well. Is google reading this as a duplicate site and is this a bad thing?

I originally had it for a backup but would rather not have it there if it’s negatively affecting me.

Here’s a photo. Thank you in advance.

This should not be happening. Would be a bug in that case.


What you did you do to make this bug happen?
I want it :joy: Do only styles change or if you change content like text, does it change as well?

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